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Celebrating the Life and Contributions of Linda Blum-Barton (1956 – 2022)

Linda Blum Barton (with scarf) in front of the Historic Woolsey Baptist Church


In the world of genealogy and historical preservation, few names resonate as powerfully as that of Linda Blum-Barton. Born on November 20, 1956, in Griffin, Georgia, Linda devoted her life to the preservation of history and the pursuit of genealogical knowledge. Her exceptional dedication to these fields was evident in her role as a founding board member of Friends of Historic Woolsey, as well as her countless hours of painstaking research and documentation of the history of Fayette County and Woolsey, Georgia. It is with a heavy heart, we mourn her passing on November 28, 2022.

Linda Blum-Barton was the daughter of the late William Wesley and Mildred McLean Blum. Her lineage, rooted in the heart of Georgia, undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping her interest in genealogy and local history. Born and in Griffin, Georgia, Linda possessed an intrinsic connection to the land and its history, which she strived to preserve for future generations.

Passionate about genealogy, Linda spent countless hours tracing the roots of numerous families. She dedicated her life to the study of family histories, offering insights and clarifications to those seeking to understand their heritage. Her meticulous research, combined with her deep understanding of the region's history, made her an invaluable resource to many. Her contributions to the genealogy community will long be cherished and remembered.

Linda's love for history wasn't just limited to families and their legacies. She was also a tireless advocate for the preservation of local historical sites. As a founding board member of Friends of Historic Woolsey, she worked tirelessly to promote and protect the history of Woolsey, a small town in Fayette County, Georgia. Her efforts have helped ensure that the town's history will be preserved for future generations to explore and appreciate.

Linda Blum-Barton leaves behind a legacy of dedication and passion for history and genealogy. Her contribution to the preservation of Fayette County and Woolsey’s history is immeasurable. Her wisdom, knowledge, and dedication to everything Fayette County and Woolsey, Georgia, will be greatly missed. As we mourn her loss, we also celebrate the life of a woman who devoted her life to preserving the history of her home and the legacies of its inhabitants for generations to come.

Linda Blum Barton Obituary