Friends of Historic Woolsey

Preserving Our Yesterdays for Tomorrow 

Join us on our Preservation Journey!  

Join Friends of Historic Woolsey in our Culture Corner to discover art that celebrates southern artists, nature, small-town life, the environment, southern heritage, and southern culture. Please check our events calendar for upcoming events.

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Historic Woolsey Baptist Church Sketch by Patsy Gullett
Fayette County Mural by Patsy Gullett
Dr. Ferrol Sams' Homes  and Medical Clinics by Patsy Gullett
Fayette County by Patsy Gullett
Fayette County Buildings by Patsy Gullett
Historic Woolsey Baptist Church by Lowell Crawford
Old Woolsey Store by Lowell Crawford
Spring Morning by Lowell Crawford
Walking and Talking by Lowell Crawford
Home on the Brandywine River by Gerald B. Woolsey
Stone Mountain by Wenona Woolsey Paramoure
Farm Life 1 by Wenona Woolsey Paramoure
Farm Life 2 by Wenona Woolsey Paramoure
Flowers by Wenona Woolsey Paramoure
Daisies by Wenona Woolsey Paramoure
Mountains by Wenona Woolsey Paramoure
Coming Home by Richard McLean