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Friends of Historic Woolsey Lovingly Remembers Gerald B. Woolsey (1937 – 2022)

It is with deep sorrow and profound respect that we, Friends of Historic Woolsey, bid farewell to Gerald Bruce Woolsey, a man who was an integral part of our community and the preservation of its rich history. Gerald was born on August 16, 1937, and passed away on December 16, 2022. His legacy, however, continues to live on through his work, his passion, and the memories he has left us.

Born and raised in Brooks, Georgia, Gerald was the son of Charles Russell and Helen Clive Hardy Woolsey. Gerald held his roots close to his heart. His deep affection for Brooks, Georgia, was evident in his work and his dedication to preserving the history and the culture of his hometown.

A dedicated genealogist, he spent countless hours tracing the lineage of the Woolsey family. His love for reading and books, especially those by southern authors, further added to his knowledge and understanding of the region's history and culture. He was also an avid stamp collector; his collection reflected his wide array of interests and his keen attention to detail.

As a founding ex-officio board member of Friends of Historic Woolsey, Gerald was a driving force behind our mission to preserve and promote the history of Woolsey, Georgia. His wisdom and knowledge were invaluable to our cause. Whenever we had questions about the Woolsey family or the area's history, we knew we could rely on Gerald for the answers. His dedication to our cause was unwavering, as was his commitment to the preservation of Fayette County, Brooks, and Woolsey's history.

We will miss his wisdom, insight, and dedication. But most of all, we will miss his warmth, his compassion, and the genuine interest he took in everyone he met. Gerald Bruce Woolsey was more than a genealogist, a book lover, or a stamp collector. He was our friend, our mentor, and a pillar of the community. His loss is deeply felt, and he will be greatly missed.


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