Friends of Historic Woolsey

Preserving Our Yesterdays for Tomorrow 

Join us on our Preservation Journey!  

(October 2022-December 2023)

 We extend our sincere appreciation to the following who have generously given
for the rehabilitation of the church and for the upkeep of the cemetery:


Peg Alton                                              
Pam and Tom Arlotto  
Elaine Baker                           
Donald Bartlett
Lamar and Mary Lynn Cox

Swinson A. Gaskins Jr.
Swinson A. Gaskins Sr.
Faye Gresham
Cindy Griffin
Bonnie P. Hughes

Gary and Pam Laggis
Jamie and Jamie Lovett
Lamar and Janet Matthews

Richard and Gayle McLean
Nan McKay, Author
Lorita P. Moore
Reagan and Allen Moscon
Mowell Funeral Home & Cremation Service
Mary Woolsey Fetzer Nelson
Harry and Penny Pridgeon
Walter Reeves
Teresa Roby
Ferrol and Kathy Sams
Fletcher Sams
Mortimer Sams
Sarah S. Stubbs
Katharine Sullivan

Reeves Giving Fund Grant
Telford Family Foundation Grant

Thank you to the following who have given invaluable help to us:

Ryan Arvay, Cicada Creative Historic Preservation Solutions     
David Ballard, Ballard Law Office
Katie Barton, creator of our logo
Mike Biggers
Elaine Bolton, Paces Ferry Methodist Church
Dean Breest, Hopeful Baptist Church

Jenny Burdette, Jenny Burdette Photography    

John Burke, Pubsite

Lowell Crawford, Artist
Members of the Davidson Masonic Lodge #334

Patsy Gullett, Artist
Gail Jenkins, Historic Fayetteville City Cemetery
Dan Langford, Mayor of Brooks

Mask Rolloff - Jason Mask & Company

Janet Snyder Matthews, PhD
Jim McCarten
Wright Mitchell, Founding Member, Buckhead Heritage

Deborah Riddle, President, Fayette County Historical Society
Dana Sams
Sonny Seals, Historic Rural Churches of Georgia
Marlene Wagman-Geller, Author 
Richard Waterhouse, Executive Director, Buckhead Heritage
Janice N. Wittschiebe

And thank you to those who have shared photographs and stories with us!