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Favorite Christmas Memory: A Reflection by Robert Burch


Robert Burch Photo Courtesy of Sam & Susan Burch

Favorite Christmas Memory: A Reflection by Robert Burch

Robert Burch holds a special place in our hearts. A distinguished author and a beloved figure in Fayette County, Burch always had a unique way of captivating us with his stories. Today, we'd like to share a special Christmas memory from Robert, which not only warms the heart but also carries an important message about the true essence of Christmas.

Robert's Favorite Christmas Memory

When Robert was asked about his favorite Christmas memory in 1994, he responded, "I would have to think real hard about my favorite Christmas. They were all special to me; we were fortunate. Something I have tried to drive home in my books: there are so many things in life that are more important than money and what money can buy."

For Robert, Christmas was not about the extravagant presents or lavish decorations, but about the special moments shared with loved ones. Every Christmas was a favorite because of the intangible values it brought into his life. The magic of Christmas was not in the material items, but in the joy, warmth, and unity it fostered in his life.

The Importance of What Christmas Really Means

Robert's words resonate with us, especially in today's world where materialism often overshadows the true spirit of Christmas. His perspective serves as a gentle reminder to focus on the things that truly matter - love, family, and togetherness. As we celebrate this holiday season, let's remember to cherish these invaluable gifts and make every moment count.

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Excerpt from Fayette Portraits Christmas 1994 edition