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Christmas Traditions and the Story of Willene Jackson's Stocking


Christmas traditions are often heartwarming, and oftentimes they are passed down from generation to generation. The creation of these traditions, however, can sometimes be quite unexpected and even hilarious. One such tale comes from the Jackson family, specifically Jennifer Jackson and her dad, Bobby Jackson. This family's unusual Christmas tradition, which started due to a simple misunderstanding, adds a dash of humor and charm to the holiday season.

       Jennifer and Willene Jackson

One Christmas morning, Jennifer and her dad each assumed that the other had taken care of purchasing Jennifer’s mom Willene's stocking. When Bobby and Jennifer emerged on Christmas morning, they realized their mistake - Willene didn't have a stocking. In a desperate bid to remedy the situation, Jennifer quickly thought on her feet. She rummaged through the pantry and found a can of Vienna sausages. With a touch of creativity and a great deal of holiday spirit, Jennifer decided to use this can as a makeshift stocking stuffer.

Willene was not particularly impressed with her unconventional stocking stuffer. However, little did she know that this would become the start of a unique tradition. Jennifer paired the can of Vienna sausages with mustard, and with that, a new Christmas tradition was born. From that year onwards, Willene could always expect to find a can of Vienna sausages in her Christmas stocking, a humorous reminder of the family's unforgettable Christmas mishap.

How do Christmas traditions start?  This story is a reminder of how the unexpected moments can turn into cherished family traditions. They can begin from a place of love, a dash of creativity, and sometimes, a can of Vienna sausages. Whether it's hanging stockings, decorating the Christmas tree, or opening presents, each family has their own unique traditions that make the holiday season special. 

As we celebrate this holiday season, let us remember to embrace our own unique traditions. These traditions make our holiday celebrations truly special. And who knows? You might just find yourself starting a new tradition of your own this year.

We would love to hear about the ways in which you and your family celebrate the holiday season. Whether it's a stocking stuffer tradition like the Jacksons, or a more conventional one like decorating your tree, your stories connected to Woolsey add to the rich tapestry of our community.