Friends of Historic Woolsey

Preserving Our Yesterdays for Tomorrow 

A Fantastic Find!

For the past four years, the quest to unearth photos of Historic Woolsey Church seemed endless. Little did we know that the breakthrough would come from an unexpected source and a dedicated community effort.

The journey began with the Friends of Historic Woolsey, a group committed to preserving the rich heritage of Woolsey and Fayette County. At our presentation at a Fayette County Historical Society (FCHS) meeting, we shared information about our restoration project and stories about notable Woolsey citizens, including Juan Fernandez McLean.

                   Courtesy of
Fayette County Historical Society

During the presentation, the name Juan Fernandez McLean resonated with Angela Pendleton, the President of FCHS. Angela recalled a box labeled “Juan Fernandez McLean” donated by Robert Reeves and stored in the society's archives. Spurred by curiosity and the hope of finding something valuable, she delved into the contents of the box. To Angela’s (and our) amazement, she discovered the long-sought-after photos of the historic church.

Robert Reeves had the foresight to save these precious photos and entrust them to the Historical Society. His actions ensured that these visual records of the church would not be lost to time. Without his contribution, this slice of Woolsey’s history would have likely remained hidden.

The discovery of the historic church photo underscores the importance of preserving history and the collective effort needed to keep our heritage alive. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Angela Pendleton, the Fayette County Historical Society, and Robert Reeves for their unwavering support and for playing a crucial role in our journey. We love the photo with the caption "Dickie & his church." 

We encourage everyone to support your local historical society. Thank you for joining us on our journey. Stay tuned for more stories and discoveries about Woolsey!

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