Friends of Historic Woolsey

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                                         Our Story

The concept of our nonprofit originated in November 2019 when a group of Rev. Woolsey’s descendants met with Woolsey Baptist Church's leadership team in Fayetteville, Georgia. Rev. Woolsey’s wishes specified that if the church no longer used the historic church, it would revert to his descendants.
Subsequently, the 
descendants and community members formed Friends of Historic Woolsey to restore the historic church, cemetery, and other properties in and around Woolsey, Georgia.



Our Mission 

Friends of Historic Woolsey's mission is to restore, preserve, protect, conserve, and where possible, rehabilitate and revitalize historic buildings, sites, and landscapes that contribute to the cultural heritage in and around Woolsey, Georgia



Our Progress to Date
Friends of Historic Woolsey Brochure
Historic Woolsey Church's Highlights
Historic Woolsey Church - Future Community Cultural Arts Center
Where the Arts and Community are Celebrated!