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<span>WOOLSEY, GEORGIA:</span> Rev. I. G. Woolsey, MD<span>Dr. I. G. Woolsey:</span> John Lynch, County Historian<span>WOOLSEY, GEORGIA:</span> Dr. I. G. Woolsey<span>WOOLSEY, GEORGIA:</span> The Church<span>Fayette County Author:</span> Dr. Ferrol Sams Jr.<span>HISTORY, STORIES, AND PEOPLE:</span> Ferrol Sams – Christmas Memory 1929<span>WOOLSEY, GEORGIA:</span> Dr. Sams about Stories<span>WOOLSEY, GEORGIA:</span> Dr. Sams about churches in the South<span>WOOLSEY, GEORGIA:</span> I. G. and Arva Woolsey Home<span>Historic Preservation:</span> Richard Moe<span>Why Old Places Matter:</span> Thompson Mayes <span>WOOLSEY BANK:</span> The Fayetteville News November 11, 1910<span>Woolsey Gin and Warehouse:</span> Fayetteville News Nov. 11, 1910<span>Lewis & Matthews:</span> The Fayetteville News, Nov. 11, 1910<span>Woolsey Train Depot:</span> Courtesy of Frank Carden

"Woolsey was a cotton town, a real
thriving community then. We had a big
cotton gin, and folks were raising a lot
of cotton, and trains stopped right here 
and loaded up bale after bale." 
– John Ballard McLean
, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 1996

"Old places foster community by giving people a sense of shared
identity through landmarks, history, memory, and stories."

– Thompson M. Mayes, Why Old Places Matter


Named in honor of Rev. I. G. Woolsey, MD, a minister, doctor, farmer, landowner, and philanthropist, Woolsey, incorporated in 1893, was a thriving town in its heyday. 

  Depot Agent - C. T. Woolsey
 Grandson of Dr. I. G. Woolsey

The town had a train depot, school, bank, post office, jail, millinery, blacksmith shop, cotton gin, peach packing plant, doctor’s office, lumber business, general store, and church. Trains from the Atlanta-Hawkinsville Railroad Company carried cotton, peaches, and other crops north to Atlanta. President Franklin D. Roosevelt would frequently stop in Woolsey on his train rides to Warm Springs, Georgia.


Storyteller Ferrol Sams 

Storytelling, an integral part of history, teaches, inspires, motivates, and can even caution. Stories tell where a town's citizens have been and where they hope to be in the future. Along with the preservation of the church and cemetery, Friends of Historic Woolsey's goal is to preserve and promote the stories of the people who lived in, settled in, and built the town of Woolsey, Georgia. 

In addition to working with national, state, and/or county historic preservation organizations, Friends of Historic Woolsey also works with the mayor and the town council in Woolsey’s historic preservation efforts providing current residents of and visitors to Woolsey with historic, educational, and cultural opportunities to learn about the town and the surrounding area. 


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