Friends of Historic Woolsey

Preserving Our Yesterdays for Tomorrow 

Community Preserves Heritage

Jul 29, 2023 by John W. Lynch
                  Rev. I. G. Woolsey, MD

It warms my heart to see a community come together to preserve a part of its history and heritage. Historic Woolsey Baptist Church is the centerpiece of a small and beautiful town in South Fayette County. The building is most worthy of being saved, not only for its historic significance but also for the legacy of its namesake, Dr. (and Reverend) Isaac G. Woolsey. Reverend I. G. Woolsey did so much to make the community into what it is today. He provided spiritual leadership, doctored the sick and infirm, provided a mercantile business, rallied for the railroad, donated land for a post office, school, and this church as well as aiding in chartering a Masonic Lodge. Greatly beloved by the community his remains are interred in the church grounds among other notables from the area. With the recent loss of Dr. Woolsey's former home and one of the most historic structures in this part of the county, it is even more important to preserve the remaining buildings that define a town's identity. Historic Woolsey Baptist Church is to enter ranks with other historically significant structures in Fayette County and deservedly so. The Friends of Historic Woolsey are to be commended for making that happen.