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Aunt Clair's Haircut: A Tale of Innocent Mischief

  Clair, Winnie, and Addie Grey Woolsey

One of the many delightful tales that has been passed down through generations involves Hattie Clair Woolsey—better known as Aunt Clair—and her infamous haircut. The story goes that Aunt Clair was in desperate need of a haircut. However, due to circumstances that remain a mystery, she was unable to get one. This is where our protagonists, two of Clair’s sisters, Winnie and Addie Grey, enter the scene. 

Both Winnie and Addie Grey decided that they would take on the role of barbers and help Clair with her hair predicament. Armed with nothing more than what we can imagine were household scissors and a strong resolve, they ventured into the unchartered territory of haircuts. As you can already guess, things did not go according to plan. 

The result of their well-intentioned efforts was a rather unique haircut for Aunt Clair. The details of what exactly transpired that day are lost in time, but we can imagine the surprise and laughter that ensued. Betty Sue White Brown, Winnie’s daughter, who shared this delightful tale, recalls the incident with a fond chuckle, "The reason that Hattie Clair Woolsey's (Aunt Clair's) hair looks so chopped up is because she needed a haircut but was unable to get one. Well my mother (Winnie) and Addie Grey (Aunt Grey) decided to cut it for her. They really got into trouble to say the least." 

This story is one of many that paints a picture of the endearing characters that made up the Woolsey family. It gives us a glimpse into a time when life was simpler, and family bonds were woven with threads of love, laughter, and shared experiences. It is stories like this story that we, Friends of Historic Woolsey, aim to preserve and share. 

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