Friends of Historic Woolsey

Preserving Our Yesterdays for Tomorrow 

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The landscaping project includes a memorial garden outside of the cemetery fence where the unmarked graves are located, providing a place for reflection. White-flowering, heirloom plants sourced from local families will be planted in the garden. If you'd like to volunteer or have any white flowers from your garden that you'd like to donate, please contact us.  

Gardens symbolize happiness, salvation, purity, and a place of peace and spiritual refreshment

Plants symbolize lasting life and strength

Oak Leaf Hydrangea–Gail Jenkins
Symbolizes purity and innocence

Lily of the Valley–Gail Jenkins
Symbolizes purity, joy, love, sincerity, happiness, and luck

White Irises–On the property from Woolsey Baptist Church 

Symbolizes purity, innocence, and sympathy.

Bleeding Heart–Patsy Gullett
Symbolizes purity and innocence

White Daffodils–Patsy Gullett
Symbolizes purity and innocence

White Lilies–Gail Jenkins 
Symbolizes purity and rebirth

White-Tinged Sedge–Sara Morgan Courtesy of Joey Morgan
Symbolizes memory and knowledge

White Lenten Roses–Patsy Gullett
Symbolizes resilience, serenity, and perseverance 

White Lacecap Hydrangea–Martha "Mattie" Henderson Crawford Courtesy of Dan Langford
Symbolizes purity and innocence

Easter Lilies–Gail Jenkins
Symbolizes purity, rebirth, new beginnings, and hope